Food Study Group

Bakudapan Food Study Group is a study group formed by Elia Nurvista, Gatari Surya Kusuma, Irindhita Laras Putri, Khairunnisa, and Monika Swastyatsu. The group discusses ideas on food, believing that food is not merely about filling the stomach. Moreover, food is not restricted to cooking, history, conservation, or the ambition to introduce it to the world. For the study group, food can be an instrument to speak about broader issues, such as politics, social affairs, gender, the economy, philosophy, and art and culture. The study group is open for those who would like to join with their projects and activities, despite any differences in background. Cross-referencing and researching about food are central to their projects through art, ethnography, research, and practice. In doing research, they experiment with different methods and forms, from the arts (performance, artistic setting, exhibition, etc.) to daily life practices (cooking, gardening, reading, etc.). To reflect and with the intention to generate and share knowledge, they draw up a report of each project and write texts for their website. Selected projects include Please it Wildly, Yogyakarta, 2016–ongoing; Living Leftover, Yogyakarta, 2017; and Cooking in Pressure, Jakarta, 2017.