Alejandro Navarrete, Dialectic of the lover and the beloved (When We Have Each Other We Have Everything), 2007.

Alejandro Navarrete was born at some point of the last century, in a Mexico City that more and more closely resembles a 1980s VHS film: it is slowly vanishing. His practice develops as a montage of discursive moments. As an anarcho-dissident, his intention is to provoke all kinds of escape to where biology is not destiny and gender is not ideology. As a semionaut, he explores art theory as a tool to expand the field toward an imaginative vision, developing characters, situations, and scenarios with a decolonial sight set on disassembling hegemonic, heteropatriarchal narratives. As an imagologist, he explores the shapes of new intersections through different media. Currently, Navarrete is a core member of the b.ASIC a.CTIVIST k.ITCHEN and works on the office management team at BAK.

Alejandro Navarrete is co-convening the Ultratranslation study group for Ultradependent Public School (2023).