Long-Term Project



Concerning the Post-Secular develops through an exhibition (autumn 2008), seminars and related projects, and a BAK Critical Reader presenting new texts by artists and scholars who investigate the notion of the “post-secular” from the perspective of contemporary artistic and intellectual practices.

As part of this research itinerary, an academic year-long lecture series on postsecularism in collaboration with the Centre for the Humanities, Utrecht University, will be organized. The lecture series aims at investigating the “post-secular” as a central aspect of our current historical condition and the mutual engagements of secularism and religious discourses especially in contemporary Europe. It maps the intersections of the “post-secular” with social and political theory as well as cultural and artistic practices and movements with special emphasis on issues of political theory, Islam in Europe, ethics, human rights, feminist practices, contemporary art, and the European tradition of liberal humanism.


The Return of Religion and Other Myths

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