until 22 April 2023
Ultrastudio XXL

During this weekend, we reiterate, expand, and scale up skill-shares and workshops encountered during our field work sessions from October 2022–February 2023.

Ultrastudio XXL

Day 1: Saturday

From our first session in Rotterdam, Repelsteeltje guides us into a silkscreening workshop using woodglue on a collectively made screen frame. In the afternoon, a book launch of Viewing Copy (Manual of Manuals) takes place, followed by a copy party where the public is invited to photocopy and bind our publication and assemble their own mini BookBinding bag to carry it home with.

Day 2: Sunday

We reflect on our second session in Utrecht with a collage and storytelling workshop by Maja Irene Bolier and a “loop station” workshop by Embodied Theory Assembly (Khurram Saleem, Kiek Korevaar, and Rita Sousa), exploring the resonances between theory, words, and somatic practices.


Ultrastudio investigates the act of publishing as a technique to build more habitable communities. It is convened by the BookBinding Workshop of Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam (designers Miquel Hervás Gómez and Ott Metusala) together with cultural worker and housing rights advocate Lila Athanasiadou.


22 April 2023

11:00–18:00 hrs


23 April 2023

11:00–17:00 hrs


Collective lunch is included in the enrollment fee.


Open to the public. Registration required.