21 May 2023
Stranded FM: Connect/Re:connect – On The (Im)possibilities of Online Radio

Why stream? Archive? Did online radio become a marketing tool? Boring? Collective? Ego? How can we truly support one another? Does this all still make sense?

Stranded FM (Jolijt Bosch and Luke Cohlen) 

In the booming online radio world, terms like community and connection are the first thing you encounter. Yet, with an increasing focus on DJ mixes, video content, and self-promotion, a lot of the experimentation and care that makes radio a beautiful medium disappears. Meanwhile, the cloud is bulging with unlistened recordings. How can we turn this around, or at least make more space for imperfection and consciousness? How can we respond to our connections and reconnect in the process?

The Re:connecting… training is split across time, allowing digestion to take place.

Day 1: Sunday, 2 April 2023

A freeform day of experimental radio making. Here, participants and UPS sonic associates are led and joined by Stranded FM community members to play with the monster’s tools (as opposed to the master’s tools). They will explore what radio can do and mean, live in action. Bring thoughts, materials, recordings, anything! 

Day 2: Sunday, 21 May 2023

Roundtable conversations with moderators heavily involved radio as an artistic and public practice. Blurring the binaries of sender and receiver, participants will join and expand the conversation on radio’s (im)possibilities.

Radio Relay

Commons-minded radio platform lumbung Radio, which came to life during documenta fifteen, will be continually relayed to Stranded FM’s channel two during the exhibition period. Expect audio-material from the two workshop days as well as spontaneous schoolhouse documentation to be streamed through both platforms, coordinated by UPS sonic associate, Benjamin Henninger.


Collective vegan lunch from 12:00–13:00 hrs. Meal included in the enrollment fee. The abundance and variety of the menu depends on the luck of the b.ASIC a.CTIVIST k.ITCHEN’s dumpster dive.


Registration to both days is preferred, but not required, via

Capacity: 20 participants