16 December 2022
Stitching, Writing, Singing

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A workshop by Renata Mirón Granados.
Part of a series of developed within their residency at De Voorkamer.

WHEN: Friday, 16 December 2022 @ 15.00–17.00 hrs
WHERE: BAK Auditorium
HOW: Free entrance. Registration required.

In all continents, people have built matriarchal cosmologies sustained by complex rituals, carried out through chants, storytelling, textile crafts, or healing practices. Because many of these rituals preceded written language, their presence in popular culture is mostly found in tapestry patterns, recipes, myths, or songs. In the advent of main modern religions and after centuries of colonizing invasions, the goddesses of antiquity were suppressed, then gradually integrated into the patriarchal structures that consolidated our era. However, they found shapes to morph into and ways to speak to us in the language of patterns, melodies, and poems.

This workshop uses the voice as a vessel to reveal the presence of goddesses, exploring alternative methods in songwriting and singing.

To RSVP, please send an email to with the subject singing workshop.

You will receive a confirmation email with more information prior to the session, which will be held in English.