24 July 2024 until 28 July 2024
Research Interrupted

Fellowship for Situated Practice (2023–2024) Presentation Week

Research Interrupted is a week-long presentation of the BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice 2023–2024, where the artists invite the public to engage with their ongoing research.

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Over the past nine months, the BAK fellows in Utrecht and Istanbul have been deeply engaged in individual and collective artistic explorations, sharing insights and fostering creative dialogues. This year, the fellows challenged our practices and imaginaries of alignment and nonalignment beyond traditional and bygone frameworks. One central concept was that of the national: a layered and urgent geographical imagination addressing questions of organization, positionality, and solidarity that we would like to take as a starting point of exploration. This question emerged in the context of the 2021–2022 edition of BFSP, specifically prompted by the military invasion of Ukraine: a chain of events that strengthened the refusal of all forms of imperialism. This moment also instigated the sharing and reconnection with collectivist initiatives, non-official histories, and subterranean legacies that enacted and cultivated solidarities against the grain of imposed archives, identities, and structures.

BAK invites the public to experience the diverse array of conversations, workshops, performances, and multimedia works that emerged from this intensive period of the fellows’ ongoing artistic research.

Program of Events

Friday, 26 July (YMSC: You Might be Suffering from Capitalism School)

10–13 hrs
Garage School of Medicine Community Apothecary (workshop)

13–14 hrs
Lunch hosted by Garage School

14–15 hrs
Marta Keil: Gestures of Withdrawal: Traces, Practices, and Spells of Refusal in Performing Arts (conversation)

15:30–16:30 hrs
Yuliia Elyas: Workbook Workshop

16:45–18 hrs
Teresa Borasino: Glacial Conversations

18:30–20 hrs
Rest In Power: Rest, Grief, and Resilience in the Times of Late Capitalism (Panel participants: Andrea Knezović, Alev Ersan, Enis Köstepen, Irmak Karasu, Marta Keil, Varduhi Balyan)

Saturday, 27 July

14–15:30 hrs
Digital Solidarity Workshop by Radical Data

16–17 hrs
Movement/Somatic Workshop by Maoyi Qiu

17–18 hrs
Global Talent by Betül Aksu (performance)

18:30–19 hrs
Anonymous Censorship Notes by Esra Oskay

19:15–20 hrs
Ongoing Research Presentation and Discussion by Yâni/Yaani (Hanieh Fatouraee, Siwar Krai(y)tem, Alev Ersan, Betül Aksu)

20:00 onwards
If the International Atomic Clock was circuit-bent, it would play Aquarius (Flamman & Abraxas Radio Mix) by Party Animals and de-synchronise the rhythms of modernity — Jamming-session during drinks, by Astrid Feringa and Claude Nassar

Rayén & Jobi DJ: Latin & Sweaty Party

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24 and 25 July: 12–18 hrs
26 July: 10–20 hrs
27 July: 10–22 hrs
28 July: 12–18 hrs


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