Rafaël Rozendaal, Accumulation, 2022
Rafaël Rozendaal, Accumulation, 2022
10 June 2022
Launch Kunstlicht

Algorhythms: Living In and Out of Sync with Technology

The latest issue of Kunstlicht, an academic journal for art, visual culture, and architecture, is launched at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst on Friday 10 June 2022.

The edition, titled Algorhythms: Living in and out of Sync with Technology, is all about algorithms and algo-rhythms, and our affective relationships to the algorithmic processes taking place in our mediated lives. While algorithms are often understood as techno-mathematical procedures executed by machines, algo-rhythms highlight the temporalities created by this process.
Algorithms and algo-rhythms
These algorithms and algo-rhythms operate in the background much like the ticking of a clock, in our smartphone, on our apps, in the signal traffic of the internet… synchronising as devices communicate to each other, but many a time out of sync with our lived bodies. How might we tune our senses to the architecture of algo-rhythms that seemingly eludes our conscious perception? How do artistic projects, through texture, sound, movement, and/or materiality, explore the rhythms, speeds, durations of digital culture? How do they reflect our affective relations to technology?

This issue of Kunstlicht is guest edited by Evelyn Wan, who will be present during the launch to discuss how technologies can structure and alter our experience of time. There are also talks by researcher Rosa Wevers and theatre collective Utopia Syndicate, followed by drinks.

Date: Friday 10 June 2022
Time: 18.30—19.45 hrs
Location: BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht
Free to attend public event