12 April 2023
Czar Kristoff: Be(com)ing A Monument, 2023

Czar activates his learning object, To Destroy Is To Build (2019-2023), with an ongoing inquiry after monuments that bend to the passage of time.

Monuments are generally constructed to commemorate a significant event or person. Their presence is also used to navigate a city, a town, a place. Urban monuments reflect how our ancestors used trees, mountains, and rivers as landmarks to remember their way. What would happen if monuments suddenly moved? How do you think we would identify locations or arrive to destinations? How could we become navigators without monuments? In this training, we will explore how/why/when monuments are built, maintained, polished, celebrated, forgotten, demolished, and redefined through a series of mapping exercises and interventions, excursions around the neighborhood, banderitas making, and cafeteria karaoke. 


06–08 April 2023

12:00–18:00 hrs


Collective vegan lunch from 12:00–13:00 hrs. Meal included in the enrollment fee. The abundance and variety of the menu depends on the luck of the b.ASIC a.CTIVIST k.ITCHEN’s dumpster dive.

Trainer’s Note

Participants should bring their smartphones with data, a picture of their favorite place as a child/at the moment, a picture of themselves as a child (for teenagers and adults).


Registration to all days is preferred, but not required, via

Capacity: 20 participants