Teresa Borasino

Teresa Borasino is an artist whose work balances upon the fertile edges between art and activism—the space between poetics, politics, and radical engagement with social movements. Her practice spans a variety of mediums, encompassing public interventions, performances, installations, soundscapes, and textual expressions. She seeks to contribute to the pluriversing of the world by cultivating a deeper understanding of the ecological and sacred entanglements experienced by oppressed and exiled communities. Simultaneously, she aims to challenge the monolithic narrative imposed by the paradigms of modernity and coloniality.
In 2021, Borasino embarked on artistic research into the Andean cosmovision and its tapestry of ancestral knowledge and practices. Throughout the BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice, she will further delve into this research, concentrating on the intricate correlation between cultural and ecological devastation.

Selected exhibitions include:  
Relational Bodies Studium Generale, Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen, 2023; Ausangate: a Gaseous Cosmology, Framer Framed, Amsterdam, 2023; Towards a Post-Extractive Culture, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2023; A World of Many Worlds, CBK Zuidoost, Amsterdam, 2022; Defeating Dystopia, BAK, Basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, 2020; and Climate Knowledges, MAMA, Rotterdam, 2020. 

Borasino is a co-founder of Fossil Free Culture, an artist collective that works across art and climate justice. She resides and works in Amsterdam but was born in Peru.