Linda Zeb Hang

sculptor, dancer, lithographer, publisher
Linda Zeb Hang is a sculptor, dancer,
book expedition designer, lithographer,
publisher, and living soil and foods advocate
based in Oakland, California and New York
Born in south-side Stockton, California
to working-class Hmong refugees, Zeb
Hang’s point of origin is rooted in the
foundation of their animistic, shaman, and
Buddhist life-world. In their expanded publishing practice, micro-climates of sound,
script, song-writing, letterform, information,
storytelling, and sentient patterns form
close encounters with publics. Founded
in 2013, their mixed-media imprint FIST is
held within collective and public spheres,
including Queer Work Archive, Providence
and the Thomas J. Watson Library at The
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York,
among others.