Jineolojî Center Brussels

center for research
Jineolojî Center Brussels, founded in 2017 in Brussels, is a center for research in the human and social sciences, developed collectively on the basis of the knowledge and experiences of women from Kurdistan and around the world.
The Jineolojî Center’s projects aim to promote the foundations of this new science and to enrich it through the work of its members throughout Europe, in connection with a wide network of local associations and collectives struggling for women’s rights and liberation. Rather than studying women’s lives and cultures from an “outsider’s” perspective, Jineolojî invites women from different communities to research and (re)write their history, and to define their concerns and interests so that they can act together. The members of the Jineolojî Center organize and take part in exhibitions, seminars, training courses, and workshops, as well as write and publish articles and books based on the sharing of knowledge, meetings, and debates. The research, analysis, and educational work carried out by the Jineolojî Center aims to inform women and society so that they can take action against violence and the patriarchal system, while leading a struggle for social transformation.