Hamada Al-Joumah

community activist
Hamada Al-Joumah is a community activist. He founded a network of beekeepers and currently practices permaculture in the outskirts of Tyre.
For the past twenty years, he has worked with children and youth living in the Burj al-Shamali camp, a Palestian refugee camp near Tyre, Lebanon, both through the scout group he founded with his friend and colleague Wassim Said, and as a volunteer and folklore dance and music trainer. Al-Joumah has established the Palestinian Youth Initiative and is a member of the core team of the National Campaign for the Implementation of the Procedures for the Palestinian Popular Committees for Services in Lebanon. He participated in international youth conferences in Johannesburg and Jordan, and at the Interceltic Festival in Lorient, France. He has worked in many international community institutions, such as Terre des Hommes, World Vision, and Save the Children Foundation, as a social worker and trainer in non-violent communication. Al-Joumah was born and lives in the Burj al-Shamali camp in Tyre.