David Muñoz Alcántara

Artist, architect, and researcher
Artist, architect, and researcher David Muñoz Alcántara’s inquiry deals with nomadism of thought and aesthetic praxis at the intersection of futurity and actuality.
His recent work looks at militant poetics and radical critique through arts grounded in liberation struggles against class, gender, and racial enclosures. In practice, he produces contextually grounded installations often involving collective study, drawing, writing, and translation as spaces of politics. He has a DA in Contemporary Art Practice from Aalto University, Espoo; MA in Applied Art and Design at the University of Helsinki, Helsinki; and a license in Architecture from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City. He is Founder of the research studio NÆS—Nomad Agency/Archive of Emergent Studies (2011–ongoing), which claims the political space of research, and is a member of the editorial committee of Rab-Rab Press. Muñoz Alcántara lives and works in Helsinki.


The BAK 2019/2020 Fellows dreaming of ti
The BAK 2019/2020 Fellows dreaming of time travel with the particle accelerator at the University Museum, Utrecht, 2019, photo: Whitney Stark