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In 2019, BAK launches a new publishing line named Basics. Activated from within BAK programs, Basics probes some of the most urgent problems of our time, engaging them through theoretically informed and politically driven artistic research and practice. If BAK is conceived as a “basis”—a base where art and theory meet social action to thematize and problematize the social, political, environmental, and technological conditions in which we live, and more importantly, develop and actualize proposals for “being together otherwise”—then Basics is its publishing equivalent, online and off. Both the digital and analogue Basics are entwined with BAK’s aesthetico-political experiments in research and public programming. While the digital platform functions as an archive of the discursive events that BAK organizes (consisting mainly, though not exclusively, of documentation of conferences, expert meetings, performances, etc.), the book series builds on these knowledges and function autonomously.

True to its name, Basics offers “basics” or “fundamentals” that narrate in a new language the contemporary predicament, as well as ways to resist it. Basics is a response to our current global and planetary emergencies. It initiates a return to fundamental questions as much as it seeks to develop afresh the building blocks of lexicons, tactics, scenarios, and relations that may enable action in these contemporary conditions.

These unconventional constellations are composed of cartographies, propositions for ways of living-in-common, as well as insights into concrete actualizations of (another) future. They include textual and visual contributions by a wide range of cultural practitioners including artists, theorists, and activists.

Basics serves as a forum to assemble living knowledges, anthologize texts read at BAK, and commission new essays, interviews, statements, and other contributions from those committed to thinking and organizing with and through art today.

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