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        2. S.E.F.A. (Se Eu Fosse Angolano) - co-presentation with SPRING Festival 2016 of a performance by Nástio Mosquito - 28.05.2016, 19.30 hrs

          BAK and SPRING 2016 co-present the premiere of S.E.F.A. (Se Eu Fosse Angolano), a performance by artist Nástio Mosquito, followed by a talk about the work by BAK artistic director Maria Hlavajova
        3. Un(fore)seen Cultures: Mapping the Urban Contemporary in Hong Kong and the Netherlands - presentations and debate stemming from an exchange between Utrecht University and Hong Kong University - 03.06.2016, 14.00–17.00 hrs (followed by drinks)

          On Friday 3 June 2016 BAK hosts Un(fore)seen Cultures. A result of the research exchange between students from the Humanities Honours Program (Utrecht University) and the Common Core Ambassadors (Hong Kong University), the afternoon presents a series of projects that aim to explore urban life in the 21st century. 
        4. Strijd: Art, Activism and the University - an evening of short lectures, curated by the Strijd ∞ curatorial team - 18.05.2016, 17.00–19.30 hrs

          On 18 May 2016, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst in Utrecht hosts Strijd: Art, Activism and the University: an evening initiated by the curatorial team of Strijd ∞, an activist, curatorial, and artistic project that began during the student protest at Maagdenhuis, University of Amsterdam, 2015. The program consists of short lectures and a panel discussion with Charles EscheEmma MahonyAhmet ÖğütGregory Sholette, and Strijd ∞ representatives Ezra Benus, Tamara Breugelmans, Jeroen de Smalen, Astrid Kerchman, Prof. Dr. Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes, Emily Rhodes, and Frederike Sperling.
        5. Unstated (or, Living Without Approval) - exhibition and public program - 30.01.–29.05.2016

          opening hours: Wednesday–Sunday, 12.00–18.00 hrs.

          Unstated (or, Living Without Approval)—part exhibition; part site for gathering, learning, and exchange—brings together perspectives from the geopolitical pressure points of various forms of statelessness. From Rojava to Palestine to Greece to the refugees in limbo in the Netherlands, the “unstated”—out of sync with the state: unable or unwilling to comply with its extant forms and demands—bear witness to their condition as one of both violent struggle and cautious possibility.
        6. Universal Anthem - live performances of the work by Société Réaliste & artist talk with Ferenc Gróf and Jonas Staal - 01.05.2016

          On Sunday 1 May 2016, BAK hosts four live performances of the work Universal Anthem by Société Réaliste, on locations throughout the center of Utrecht.

          Times and locations:
          - 13.15 hrs.: Domplein
          - 14.00 hrs.: Stadhuisbrug
          - 14.45 hrs.: Utrechts Archief
          - 15.30 hrs.: Centraal Museum

          The last one, taking place at the Centraal Museum, is followed by a conversation between museum director Edwin Jacobs and artists Ferenc Gróf and Jonas Staal.
        7. Instituting for the Contemporary - public editorial meetings - 11., 18., and 25.04.2016

          On 11, 18, and 25  April 2016, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, hosts three public editorial meetings in the context of the exhibition Unstated (or, Living Without Approval) held towards a new BAK critical reader provisionally titled Instituting for the Contemporary, edited by BAK’s editor of publications Tom Clark, artistic director Maria Hlavajova, and research curator Lucy Lopez
        8. New World Summit: Stateless Democracy - a three-day assembly - 29.01.–31.01.2016

          New World Summit: Stateless Democracy was a three-day assembly that explores the possibilities of uncoupling the practice of democracy from the construct of the nation-state. This summit brings together stateless and autonomist movements from all over the world to explore the potential of stateless democracy as a transnationalist paradigm that opposes state oppression in all forms to invest in a new emancipatory politics of the 21st century. For this sixth summit a temporary parliament is built in the aula of Utrecht University. 
        9. upcoming reader - Marion von Osten: Once We Were Artists

          In the publishing line of BAK Critical Readers in Artists’ Practice a publication will be released in April 2016 on artists and cultural producers Marion von Osten, titled Once We Were Artists, charting the qualitative changes in the artistic practices in relation to social change in the course of the last four decades.  

        10. research intinerary - Future Vocabularies (2014–2016)

          In 2016 BAK prolongs its research program Future Vocabularies (2014–2016). In 2016 the leading concept to shape BAK’s program is that of instituting otherwise. The series is prompted by the desire to engage publically with the ideal of institutional innovation that would sync the operations of the infrastructure in general—and of the art infrastructure in particular—with the rapidly developing world that is enveloped in a series of concurrent crises (political, social, environmental, military, cultural, aesthetic, or other). More information can be found here.
        11. upcoming publication - FORMER WEST: Art and the Contemporary after 1989

          Having entered its culminating phase, FORMER WEST, the transnational research, education, exhibition, and publication project of BAK will conclude with a major publication synthesizing its eight year-long efforts. Titled FORMER WEST: Art and the Contemporary after 1989 and edited by Boris Buden (cultural theorist, Berlin), Maria Hlavajova (BAK artistic director), and Simon Sheikh (curator and writer, London/Berlin), the book inquires into the complex relationship between art and the contemporary from 1989 onwards, probed through the propositional imaginary of a “former West.” Release date December 2016.

        12. research itinerary - New World Academy

          The Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava (West-Kurdistan) and the New World Summit organize part two of the 5th New World Summit, which takes place April 2016 in the city of Derîk in Cizîre canton of Rojava (Syrian-Kurdistan). At the 5th New World Summit, the representatives of the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava join in discussion with the members of stateless and progressive political organizations from around the world. This summit is organized for the occasion of the construction of a new public parliament, developed by the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava and the New World Summit. BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht is a partner of the New World Summit and supports its 5th session through its ongoing work with the New World Academy and the Kurdish Women’s Movement on the subject of “stateless democracy.” More information can be found here
        13. publication - Future Publics (The Rest Can and Should Be Done by the People)

          BAK and Valiz proudly present Future Publics (The Rest Can and Should Be Done by the People): A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art. For more information about the book, please see here.